Candle lit dinner with soft music could be romantic on Valentine’s Day. Candle lit dinner with soft music besides some fifty other couples doing the same thing in a busy restaurant is not.

Making home-cooked meal on Valentine’s Day could be romantic. An oily and sweaty face washing a sink full with dishes is not.

If you don’t want to pay marked up price for private table and fantastic view, bring home the romance. What to cook? Cook simple, great food. More importantly, cook the food that both of you enjoy. Cook together and have fun. What’s for dessert? Aphrodisiac Nutella mousse with berries compote.

Nutella mousse

100g home-made nutella (Recipe here)

100g cream

Whip the cream till soft peak stage (lift the whisk out of the cream, at the tip of the whisk, when you notice that the cream falls back on itself forming a curl, it’s ready). Fold in gently to the nutella spread (you don’t want to knock out all the air incorporated in the whipped cream). Pour into a ring mould and let set in fridge.

Mix berries compote

125g mix berries

50g strawberry puree

75g water

50g sugar (adjust according to the sweetness of fruit)

Boil water and sugar till surface is bubbly. Add the strawberry puree. Toss the mix berries with the syrup till it is soft. Tips: start by tossing harder fruit like strawberries, remove from heat and add the more tender berries like blueberries and raspberries.

To serve, unmould the nutella mousse with a blow torch or a warm knife. Place the mix berries compote at the centre. Ooo…luscious. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and berries, can you?

Kitchen is full of everyday romance.

Romance is getting up in the morning and prepare a breakfast in bed. Romance is standing behind each other, tying on the apron. Romance is laughing out loud about the chocolate stain by the lips and help clearing it with “fill-in-the-blank”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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